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Join relationship experts Felicity Keith (The Language of Desire) and Gia (Love, Sex, Intelligence) as they share juicy insights about relationships, love, men, and sex in this weekly podcast. Listen to real stories of women just like you who desire meaningful relationships, rock-yer-socks-off sex, and fulfilling emotional connections. Learn how to make smart, empowered decisions in love from Felicity, Gia, and special guests.
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Feb 7, 2017

If your partner cheated or was abusive, you'd probably "Bye, boy" him immediately.

When we think of the "big" relationship issues, we tend to focus on a few common issues. However, there are relationship land-mines that come in the form of expectations. 

And many times, we don't discuss these expectations until we are faced with the fallout.

What would you do if your partner expects you to follow strictly traditional gender roles? Or what if he demands that you put his career ahead of yours?

In this episode we analyze two specific relationship situations and give our two cents on how these ladies should proceed.

Jan 31, 2017

Boundaries aren't the sexiest topic when it comes to our relationships. Yet, without knowing how to effectively use them, your relationships will forever be a source of struggle.

Consider these questions...

> Do you consistently feel resentful toward someone in your life?

> Do you feel taken advantage of at times?

> Do you feel powerless dealing with some people?

If you answer is yes to any of those questions, you need a boundary checkup PRONTO!

Listen to this episode as we discuss the different types of boundaries, WHY so few people have healthy ones, and HOW to successfully speak up for yourself and feel powerFULL and free from resentment for good.

Jan 24, 2017

We know that one of the best things about vacation is the romance and hot sex you end up having when you escape regular life.

Have you ever thought about WHY the sex is so much better on vacation? Because there are some very specific reasons for this phenomenon.

In this episode, we outline the reasons the nooky is nicer when you are out of town: It's a new trend called vacation sex.

And we tell you most importantly exactly how you can enjoy it even when you AREN'T on vacation.



Jan 17, 2017

We all know the type: the "LOOK AT ME! ME! ME!" woman who posts a million duckfaced selfies and is constantly looking for attention anywhere she can find it.

But not every attention-seeking woman is out to get your man. Yet some are.

How do you know the difference between someone who just needs a ton of validation vs. someone who has specifically set out to steal your guy?

And more importantly, how do you get them to knock off their over-the-line behavior without seeming jealous, crazy, or insecure?

In this episode, we share some surprising stats on the prevalence of mate poachers and give specific tips on how to shut down these annoying women for good...while keeping your relationship happily humming along.



Dec 20, 2016's that time of year where the hustle and bustle of the holidays is about to give way to a fresh new year.

And it's time to think about what you want your 2017 to look like. Mike Vas of the Boom Knowledge Podcast joins us in this episode to drop some resolutionary knowledge on us...

> Where did the practice of new year's resolutions start?

> Does setting resolutions even work? (the answer might surprise you)

And each of us share our own personal resolutions with you. Including some deep talk about relationships and what we would like to see happen in our love lives.

I also reveal my latest program that is ALLLLLL about setting goals and rocking them. Check out to learn more.

And be sure to check out Mike's awesome podcast on iTunes, and on his website

SIDE NOTE: After recording, it was discovered during the audio editing process that my microphone was effed up. And unfortunately there was little we could do to fix it. So despite my sounding like I'm sitting inside a tin can, Gia and I opted to go ahead and publish the episode (shitty audio and all). We hope you can look past the less-than-stellar sound and enjoy the conversation and information.

Dec 13, 2016

If you are single and looking to find love (and a long-term relationship) there is a right way...and a wrong make that happen.

Join us in part two of our interview with Claire Casey as we discuss...

> Where EVERY long-term relationship has to start

> How to know when to walk away or stick around

> Why arranged marriages surprisingly work (it may not be what you think)

> And what is the #1 underlying issue in relationships and what both Claire and I see over and over again in the emails and letters we received from women

Claire Casey, author of the best-selling program Capture His Heart, dishes wise and compassionate advice. Make sure to visit her online at where she shares TONS of great advice!

Dec 6, 2016

We've all been through this frustrating scenario: Meet a great guy, things start out beautifully..then he gets confusing...

> He runs hot hot hot...then cold as ice

> He doesn't proactively make time for you (but says yes when you do the work)

> He's attentive when he's around but ghosts for days or weeks

> He seems into you but you don't know where you stand

Sound familiar?

Claire Casey, author of Capture His Heart, joins us for the first interview installment on this episode to share how to handle an emotionally unavailable man without losing your self respect or wasting any precious time.

She shares practical tips and advice so that any confusion you once felts is wiped away for good!

Check out Claire's website at where she shares TONS of great advice! And come back next week for Part Two of our interview for more goodness.

Nov 29, 2016

What if we told you we've found an incredible way to spice up your relationship and raise the temp in the sack? And you can keep on heating things up and introducing new excitement every three months?

Well, listen up, folks! The hot-hot-hottest gift idea is unveiled in this episode!

We've got the founder of Nooky Box, Meg Ross, on the show and she is going to tell you exactly how simple it is to infuse excitement into your relationship. Not only is Nooky Box FUN and sexy, it's a tremendous value, too. And we know how much you adore a spicy-good deal.

Check it out and thank us later! ;)

Nov 22, 2016

The holiday season is upon us, friends!

In other words, it’s MAX STRESS TIME and each year, single ladies face multiple land mines that can derail your holly, jolly expectations. Things like…

> Plus ones (who do you invite if you are single?)

> Exes that pop up from the past

> Nosy family members

> How to handle a blossoming romance this time of year

> Fighting off loneliness

But don't despair, lovely. There are ways to sail through the holidays and have a ton o' fun doing it.

We share the top obstacles singles face that go hand in hand with the holidays. And give you strategies to avoid them with ease.

Ho-ho-hope you enjoy our tips! And that you not only survive the holidays but THRIVE during this time of year!

Nov 15, 2016

If you haven't noticed yet by all of the store displays (that I think went up at the end of September) the holiday season is upon us!

In other words, it's MAX STRESS TIME and each year, we face multiple relationship land mines that can derail our holly, jolly expectations. Things like...

> Gift giving blunders

> Party faux pas

> Jerry Springer family moments

> Blended family mishaps

We share the top relationship obstacles that go hand in hand with the holidays. And give you strategies to avoid them with ease.

Ho-ho-hope you enjoy our tips! And stay tuned for next week when we share our Holiday Survival Guide: Singles Edition!



Nov 8, 2016

Over the course of your lifetime, you will likely have many types of sex...

Passionate sex...

Awkward sex...

Wild sex...

Romantic sex...

So check out this list of the 10 types of sex every woman MUST have at least once in her lifetime. How do you stack up? 

Our list is based on the awesome article by Anna Borges. Read the original here:



Nov 1, 2016

We received a bunch of responses to our last episode on cheating. So we had to do a follow-up.

We answer some audience questions and cover...

> What drives someone to cheat?

> Is your relationship "safe" from cheating?

> Can you stop fearing infidelity once it's happened?

> What is the best way to get over cheating and stay together?

Listen in as we cover a heartbreaking topic.

Oct 25, 2016

Facebook has become ingrained in our daily lives but are you aware of the ways it impacts our relationships?

> Learn the shocking statistic of how Facebook is affecting the divorce rate

> How your partner views your time on social media

> Ways you can use Facebook to improve your intimacy

> What harms your relationship and how to avoid it

And what Gia and I disagree on when it comes to social media and sex in this discussion about social media and our love lives.




Oct 18, 2016

We've all battled that ol' green-eyed monster from time to time.

And even though it's a normal human emotion, there's so much baggage that comes along with jealousy that is crazy-making.

So listen in on this episode where we answer a few audience questions and give practical solutions to stop jealousy from messing up your love life. And a couple of tricks to flip the switch and make jealousy help, too.


Oct 12, 2016

We’ve all heard the term “girl code” thrown around lately. But what does it actually mean? 

What are these supposed “rules” we should be following in order to truly be girl’s girls.

As Leslie Knope said it best “Ovaries before Brovaries”…in this two-part series of episodes, we break down the top 10 girl code rules.

Listen now to Part 2 for the top five girl code rules!

Oct 4, 2016

We've all heard the term "girl code" thrown around lately. But what does it actually mean? 

What are these supposed "rules" we should be following in order to truly be girl's girls.

As Leslie Knope said it best "Ovaries before Brovaries" this two-part series of episodes, we break down the top 10 girl code rules.

Listen in and learn!


Sep 27, 2016

Sexting can be called "modern day erotica" by some...or the most embarrassing moment in life by others.

Learn how to tease and tantalize his biggest erogenous zone with steamy messages and sexy photos. 

We cover the absolute Do's...and the total Don'ts (including funny stories from our audience) in this fun episode.

Sep 20, 2016

If you've ever wondered what is in the hearts and minds of single MUST listen to this episode!

Internationally-known dating coach Evan Marc Katz joins us for an honest Q&A about what men REALLY wish women knew.

We tackle your questions, including:

  • Who falls in love faster, men or women?
  • Should you date multiple men at the same time?
  • How to simplify your path to finding true love
  • What traits make the best husbands?
  • How to increase your chances of relationship success

Evan is the author of Why He Disappeared and the creator of Love U. He has a special offer for our listeners, two FREE weeks of his acclaimed Love U course. Totally free, no strings attached!

Go here to enroll:

Sep 13, 2016

If you've struggled with suppressing anger to be a "good girl" and have secretly hated yourself in the process...'ve lost your cool and blown your stack and then regretted it...

Okay stop. Let's be honest, who hasn't done both of those things?

No matter what your current approach to anger is, this episode is chock-full of proven tactics for expressing and channeling anger in a productive and helpful way. 


Sep 6, 2016

How many times have you thought to yourself "This isn't how I pictured this in my mind" when it comes to your life, your marriage, your sex life...pretty much anything!

Creating expectation in our minds about how things are "supposed to be" is a common practice...and one that can lead to unnecessary disappointment.

Join us as we answer some reader questions and offer some straightforward advice on ditching those damaging expectations and focusing instead on building our own self-empowerment.


Aug 30, 2016

Ever wonder what that certain "it" factor that some women possess?

You know the ones...who have men falling all over themselves to be near them.

And you might scratch your head and think...

"She's not the prettiest woman around, so what gives?"

What gives is that she knows the subtle secrets that draw men in like bees to honey. In this episode, we share what researchers have proven time and time again makes someone truly irresistible.


Aug 23, 2016

Do you believe in "The One"?

Are you looking for that amazing perfect love, your soulmate, that you know you are destined to meet?

Then you MUST listen to this episode!

There is a Soulmate Myth and it's causing you more harm than good in your relationships!

We share research to show you how to avoid this mistake that very well could be costing you the love of your life. 

Aug 16, 2016

If you blush at the thought of sending a racy text...

Or you are stuck in a rut of the same ho-hum dialogue that doesn't really get either of you revved up...

Or you're a dirty talking diva who just wants some new tricks...

Click right now to listen to this hot episode!

You are going to learn the inside secrets on dirty talk straight from yours truly, Felicity Keith, author of The Language of Desire, in this mini-sexting workshop.

Check out Felicity's best-selling program by watching this quick video.

Aug 10, 2016

Hey all! We've got a short episode this week where we update you on some goings-on in our personal lives. 

Be sure to check out our Facebook pages where we will be sharing our favorite Love Chat episodes all week!


Felicity's page:

Gia's page:

See you next week with a special episode all about dirty talk! xo

Aug 2, 2016

If you know WHY people cheat in their relationships, you can spare yourself some serious heartache in the future. And the truth is, most people are completely WRONG about why people cheat. 

We debunk common myths about cheaters and share some cold, hard facts for you. 

We also share stories and questions from our audience and give advice on healing from infidelity, including the only way a relationship can survive it.


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